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Three President Jokes
Category: Political Jokes and Humor
Jokes about president Clinton, president Bush and president Obama

Obama Toilet Paper
Category: Political Jokes and Humor
Pay the ultimate disrespect buy using this Obama paper in your toilet

Only in America
Category: Political Jokes and Humor
Ten funny things that you would only ever find in the U.S.A

Random Pranks
Category: Practical Jokes
Miscellaneous list of random pranks to play on your friends

MS Word Autocorrect Prank
Category: Practical Jokes
Fool your friends by having MS Word autocorrect names and common words into insults

Toilet pranks
Category: Practical Jokes
A collection of easy but hilarious pranks involving the toilet

Whoopee cushions
Category: Practical Jokes
Another classic prank, these cute cuddly animal cushions emit very funny fart sounds

Itching powder
Category: Practical Jokes
A classic practical joke, perfectly safe but highlighy irritating!

USB-powered desktop fan
Category: Desktop Toys & Games
Buy a retro little fan for your desktop, powered by USB

Thoughts About Marriage
Category: Sexist Humor
Thoughts and quotes about the wonderful world of dating and marraige. Married men and women everywhere should read this.

Jokes & Games Categories

College Humor
Funny jokes and stories about college life

Practical Jokes
Funny pranks, gags, practical jokes and gag gifts. Great for revenge or just for a joke.

Games Arcade
Play games online - includes tetris, minesweeper and other popular classics!

Sexist Humor
Funny sexist jokes about men and women, marraige, dating, sex and relationhips.

Office Humor
Cartoons, stories, humor and practical jokes from the world of work.

Law and Order Humor
Jokes about the legal profession, including funny statements made in court and hilarious lawyer jokes.

Sex and Sexuality
Humor, jokes and funny stories about men, women, sex and sexuality.

Desktop Toys & Games
Download fun gadgets and games for your Windows desktop

Funny News Items
A selection of hilarious news items and reviews which from newspapers and the internet.

Christmas and New Year Humor
Funny jokes and humor for the holiday season.

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