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Whoopee cushions
Category: Practical Jokes
Another classic prank, these cute cuddly animal cushions emit very funny fart sounds

Itching powder
Category: Practical Jokes
A classic practical joke, perfectly safe but highlighy irritating!

Toilet pranks
Category: Practical Jokes
A collection of easy but hilarious pranks involving the toilet

An elderly fire crew
Category: Miscellanious Jokes
A funny story about a crew of elderly firefighters tackling a blaze at a chemical factory

Flower delivery
Category: Valentines Day Fun
Two funny stories about flowers and funerals

Crime Scene Tape
Category: Law and Order Humor
Paractical joke - Your mates or boss will be worried when they finds their room or office has been cordoned off with police 'Crime Scene' tape!

What Kids think about Love
Category: Valentines Day Fun
Hilarious answers from 5-year-old kids about the meaning of love

Dealing with Telemarketers
Category: Miscellanious Jokes
Three ways to politely deal with telephone direct sales

Information for Webmasters
Category: Slinkycity Details
Information on link exchanges and advertising programs that we use

Massive Bra and Panties
Category: Gifts & Pranks
These massive gag underwear gifts are great for playing a fun prank.

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Funny jokes and stories about college life

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Funny sexist jokes about men and women, marraige, dating, sex and relationhips.

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Cartoons, stories, humor and practical jokes from the world of work.

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Jokes about the legal profession, including funny statements made in court and hilarious lawyer jokes.

Sex and Sexuality
Humor, jokes and funny stories about men, women, sex and sexuality.

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Download fun gadgets and games for your Windows desktop

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A selection of hilarious news items and reviews which from newspapers and the internet.

Christmas and New Year Humor
Funny jokes and humor for the holiday season.

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