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A Loaded Gesture

Strange but true story from the Wisconsin news about a man who tried to rob pharmacy using only his finger as a weapon.

Police in Neillsville, Wisconsin, have reported that a man tried to rob a pharmacy using the time-honored ruse of pretending his finger was a gun. However, the man, who was wearing a black mask, didn''t feel the need to hide the fake ''gun'' in his pocket -- he held his finger up to pharmacist Rob Taylor. He simply held up his gloved hand and pointed his finger, with his thumb extended like the cocked hammer of a pistol, at the pharmacy owner. It didn''t work. "I kind of chuckled," Taylor said, asking "Is this a robbery?"

The man then pushed Taylor who wrestled with the man and, in the scuffle, pulled off his mask. He recognized the robber as Joel Peterson, who had earlier tried to fill forged prescriptions.

Prosecutors couldn''t charge the assailant with attempted armed robbery since a pointed finger isn''t a weapon. Instead, Peterson was charged with attempted robbery with threat of force.

From the June 24, 2003 editions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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