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Sexist Humor

Funny sexist jokes about men and women, marraige, dating, sex and relationhips.

  • The Brain Transplant
    A funny sexist joke about a man who needed a brain transplant and was offered either a male of female brain for the operation.
  • Thoughts About Marriage
    Thoughts and quotes about the wonderful world of dating and marraige. Married men and women everywhere should read this.
  • Mother-in-Law Joke
    Funny joke about a mother-in-law whose visit to a newly married farmer has tragic consequences.
  • Jokes about Men
    Jokes by women poking fun at men.... all in the name of comedy!
  • Twenty Years
    Joke about a man who spent twenty years with his wife.
  • State Fair Joke
    Humor about a man whose wife wouldn't let him ride in an airplane at the state fair every year.
  • Two Irish Men
    Hilarious story about two Irish men who start their adventure in a pet shop

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