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An elderly fire crew

A funny story about a crew of elderly firefighters tackling a blaze at a chemical factory

One night, in a quiet town not to far from here, there was an explosion at an industrial factory, with a chemical plant exploding into flames. Local residents call 911 and fire fighting crews from miles around race to get to the scene. After tackling the fire for over an hour, the fire chief is approached by the managing director of the chemical company. "All of our secret formulas are in a safe inside a cellar in the middle of the factor", he says. "I'll give $100,000 to the firefighter that can collect them safely!"

The fire crews nearby overheard this and began attacking the fire with renewed energy, but after another hour, they were still not getting anywhere. The managing directer rasies his offer to $200,000, but after another hour, the fire is still raging. But then, in the distance, there is a single siren. As this new fire truck comes into view over the brow of the hill, you can see that it is manned only by retired volunteers, all of them over 60 years of age.

To everyone's surprise, this fire engine races through the chemical plant gates and drives straight into the middle of the inferno. The onlookers watch as the retired folk hop off their rig, tackling the fire with the kind of energy and gusta that none of them have ever seen before.

In only a few minutes, the fire is out, and the secrete formulas have been safely retrieved. The managing director is so happy that he doubles the reward again to $400,000. After expressing his gratitude to the volunteers, he can't help but ask what they will do with their reward.

The driver of the fire truck looks him directly in the eyse..."The first thing we will do is fix the brakes on that truck!"