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Reasons to Give Mr Penis a Pay Rise

10 Reasons to give Mr Penis a pay rise and 10 reasons why management would refuse the request!

  1. He works very hard;
  2. He has to work at great depths;
  3. He has to work upside down;
  4. He works without ventilation or air conditioning;
  5. He has to work in a high humidity environment;
  6. He has to work at high temperatures;
  7. He doesn''t get holidyas or weekends off;
  8. He does not get time off after working extra hours;
  9. He works in an extremely hazardous environment that can often lead to disease.

Reasons that Management refuse this request:

  1. He does not work 8 hrs in any working shift;
  2. He does not answer all requests immediately;
  3. There a frequent complaints abut performance;
  4. He falls asleep frequently after only short bursts of activity;
  5. He shows no evidence of fidelity in the work place;
  6. He is not a team player;
  7. He doesn''t work at all unless pushed from behind;
  8. He never leaves the workplace clean after finishing work;
  9. He often leaves work far too early!

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