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Practical Jokes - Electric Shock Pranks

Products such as remote controls, pens, calculators and computer mice which give the victim an electric shock.

Image of Electric Shock Mouse These innocent looking household items are perfectly safe but will give your mates are real electric shock when they try and use them. These pranks won't cause injury but the electric shocks are jolting and will cause your victim real alaram! Great for a practical joke.

Electric Shock Pen - Looks like a fancy ball point pen. When your victims clicks this pen, ZAP!!!!

Shocking Camera - Ask your victim to take a photo of you and your maters, and watch whilst the the electric shock is let loose when your victim clicks the button.

Electric Shock Flashlight - Looks just like a real torch or flashlight but will shock your victim when they try to switch it on.

Shocking chewing gum - Offer your victim some tasty gum! An up-to-date take on the old-fashioned snapping pack of gum.

Car key clicker - Delivers an electric shock when you kindly offer to lend your car to your unsuspecting victim.

Question: How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: Just One. Men will screw anything.

Electric shock pranks are perfectly safe but be careful if you are young or have a nervous disposition. Plenty more pranks are available.

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