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Funny Humor - Green Jelly Practical Joke

Story of a funny practical joke played by Australian students on unsuspecting Sydney citizens.

Many universities and colleges have a 'foundation day' each year. This is a holiday which celebrates the founding of the university. On one of these days in Sydney, Australia, one group of students took things a little bit further than usual with the following hilarious prank.

The students bought a van second hand, which was plain white, and the painted a logo onto the side: "Lucas Heights Nuclear Commission". The operation was very carefully planned. The students dressed up in white laboratory coats that they had taken from the chemistry department, and used Geiger-counters they had taken from the physics department. The students drove through George St, Sydney, and released a large drum of green jelly out of the back of the van and onto the road.

They stopped the van, and set up the Geiger-counters so that they were on "max" sensitivity. This setting ensures they pick up the normal background radiation so that they emit a constant crackling sound. The result was total mayhem amongst local pedestrians and shoppers. Within only a few minuts the police had cordoned off the area.

The students (still dressed as scientists) claimed that the needed to get some extra tools, went back to the van, and drove off. The culprits were never caught.

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