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Binoculars Drinks Flask

This secret drinks flask is disguised as a pair of binoculars and allows you to carry your favourite drinks discreetly anywhere!

Take your favorite alocholic drink with you wherever you go using these secrete drinks flasks masquerading as a pair of binocoulars or a workman's tools.

Secret Drinks FlaskEach eyepiece of this very useful secret drinks flask unscrews revealing a flask with 16 oz. capacity for your favorite drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. This fun product comes equipped with funnel for easy filling, and binocular strap.

This is a great gift for the golf course, baseball games, football stadiums, or anywhere where you may need a little secret pick me up.

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If you are a workman or tradesman an alternative would be the Hammer Flask, which looks just like the real thing. Or, if you are not so bothered about being discrete, how about a flash keychain?

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